The goal of the doctoral degree is to train students at most advanced level in philosophy.

It provides knowledge of the main themes, issues and works that constitute studies in metaphysics, with emphasis on their interaction with other academic disciplines of the human and social sciences.


Students are supervised by a faculty member, who is responsible for overseeing the development of the research and the training of the doctoral student. During eight regular academic semesters, students must earn at least twenty-eight credits. The programme is flexible and composed almost exclusively of optional subjects in order to ensure that the student can outline a specific itinerary for his/her research. It is allowed, according to the needs of the research, that up to half of the credits are earned from other Graduate programs at the University of Brasília.


Until the third semester, the student is submitted to an oral examination which consists of the presentation of the final version of his/her research project to a board of three Faculty members.


The last stage of this degree is the presentation of the final and complete version of the dissertation to a board of 5 Faculty members. The range of the work can be anywhere between 40,000 and 50,000 words. It must be associated to one of the two lines of research of the graduate program, as well as to deal with one or more issues of metaphysics and demonstrate that the student understands the historical-conceptual and methodological premises of the philosophical debate. In addition, it must present an important academic contribution that deepens or expands the research in the field of philosophy.